Research cruise expedition PASTOSI « Particles from source to sink off Northweest Africa» onboard R/V Meteor. Las-Palmas – Northern Germany. April 2020 Postponed due to COVID-19

Source to sink study of terrigenous material from mountains to the Atlantic Ocean. Sampling major Southern Moroccan Rivers in the framework of the ECHo project. Several expeditions in Morocco, April 2017, October 2018, March 2019.

Coastal processes and extreme wave deposits, tsunami and storm history in the framework of the IGCP project. Fieldwork in Oman, Geology of Northeastern Oman, November 2016.

Sampling lake sediments from the Middle and High Atlas in the framework of the BMBF project PMARS II. Several expeditions in Morocco, October 2013, October 2014.

Tracking the source of the terrigenous sediments from the great Sahara to the Atlantic Ocean in the framework of the EUROPROX graduate college program. Fieldwork in Mauritania, November 2009.

Western Indian Ocean, Climate and Sedimentation on board R/V Meteor Expedition 75, Dar es Salam – Dar es Salam (Tanzania), 05.02.2008 – 24.02.2008

Climate History and Sedimentation Processes off NW Africa on board R/V Meteor Expedition 65, 10.06.2005 – 01.07.2005, Dakar – Dakar (Senegal), 04.07.2005 – 26.07.2005, Dakar – Las Palmas (Spain)

Mud volcanoes and cold water coral reef off the Moroccan coast on board R/V Belgica Expedition 05/12 CADIPOR II, in the Gulf of Cadiz, off Larache, 17.05.2005 – 27.05.2005, Cadiz – Cadiz (Spain)

TTR -14 cruise, in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Sardinia margin and Stromboli / Massili basins) on board R/V Prof. Logachev, 02.09.2004 – 16.09.2004, Barcelona (Spain) – Naples (Italy)