Peer-reviewd Publications

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Intermittent development of forest corridors in northeastern Brazil during the last deglaciation: climatic and ecologic evidence. I. Bouimetarhan, C. M. Chiessi, C. González-Arango, L. Dupont , I. Voigt, M. Prange, K. Zonneveld. Quaternary Science Reviews 192, 86-96. 2018.

Assessing and Understanding Climate Change in Africa. I. Bouimetarhan, M. Carré, R. Cheddadi. EOS, doi: 10.1029/2018EO099627. 2018

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Environmental changes over the past 25000 years in the southern Middle Atlas, Morocco. J. Tabel, C. Khater, A. Rhoujati, L., Dezileau, I. Bouimetarhan, M. Carre, L. Vidal, A. Benkaddour, M. Nour El Bait, R. Cheddadi. Journal of Quaternary Science. Doi: 10.1002/jqs.2841. 2016.

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Early-Career Scientists Discuss Research and Future Directions for the Paleoclimate Field. K. Bogus, I. Bouimetarhan, J. Richey. Eos 94, 26. 2013.

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Dinoflagellate cyst distribution in marine surface sediments off West Africa (6 – 17°N) in relation to sea-surface conditions, freshwater input and seasonal coastal upwelling. I. Bouimetarhan, F. Marret, L. Dupont, K. Zonneveld. Marine Micropaleontology 71, 113-130. 2009.

Process length variation in cysts of a dinoflagellate, Lingulodinium machaerophorum, in surface sediments and its potential use as a salinity proxy. K. Mertens, S. Ribeiro, I. Bouimetarhan, H. Caner, N. Combourieu-Nebout, B. Dale, A. De Vernal, M. Ellegaard, M. Filipova, A. Godhe, E. Goubert, K. Grøsfjeld, U. Holzwarth, U. Kotthoff, S.A.G. Leroy, L. Londeix, F. Marret, K. Matsuoka, P.J. Mudie,L. Naudts, J-L. Peña-Manjarrez, A. Persson, S-M. Popescu, V. Pospelova, F. Sangiorgi et al. Marine Micropalaeontology 70, 54-69. 2009.  

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Other Publications

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